Ad Exchanger Industry Preview
New York | Jan. 21-22

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We maximize the value of digital media assets through technology & innovation.

About us

Casale Media was founded in 2001, when the field of ad technology was just an infant. As computer engineers and digital publishers - not satisfied with the solutions on the market at the time - we decided to build a company that would do it better, more efficiently, more transparently - and with enhanced outcomes for everyone in the value chain.

Fast forward to today, and Casale Media has grown into one of North America's largest advertising technology companies - an industry mainstay synonymous with our founding values - quality and transparency. We believe that automation is the future of media - regardless of channel - and our focus is on making that happen in the smartest way possible.

Originally, a singular company, we've morphed into two distinct divisions - Index Exchange and MediaNet - each with a clear focus: Index Exchange on the development of breakthrough media automation solutions for enterprise media sellers; MediaNet on the delivery of high impact, rich media campaigns for premium SMB brands and agencies.

We're growing fast and changing even faster. We need your help. If you believe automation is the future of all media and want to be a part of making that happen, please go to our Careers page and get in touch with us.

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