Casale Media Adds MediaNet Custom Networks to its Roster of Online Media Capabilities

San Francisco, CA, April 21, 2009 - Casale Media Inc. today officially announced the release of MediaNet® Custom Networks, a fully customizable version of its mass-reach online media network that gives brand advertisers an unprecedented level of control over the placement of their campaigns.

Taking the notion of vertical networks to a new extreme, MediaNet® Custom Networks enables agencies and their clients to mold the company's network into the perfect environment for their messaging by targeting only those sites, placements, and users that index high to their target demographics and skew to complimentary content. The output of every Custom Network is a client-tailored site list that can be fully reviewed and edited before a campaign is launched. "It's no longer just about content; it's about having control over the places where your aufdience and your content collide. Every parameter is customizable," said Casale Media CEO, Joe Casale.

The fully custom model plays into traditionally rooted tactics for ad targeting, without compromising the efficiencies of working with a network. Bridging old and new media planning mentalities, MediaNet® Custom Networks gives planners the power of reach, breadth, and intelligent technology combined with the flexibility to select the specific content, audience, and site caliber that brand holders already know they want.

"The number of ad networks entering the space is still growing, presumably because there is a market need. We recognize that no single ad network can completely satisfy the needs of any one client. So we produced a product that allows clients to transform our network into anything they want, quite literally creating a custom version of MediaNet® for their brand. Now, instead of working with multiple providers to satisfy the different needs of each client, agencies can get everything they need, exactly how they need it, from a single source," said Julia Casale-Amorim, Chief Marketing Officer.

MediaNet® Custom Networks also address the ever-growing call for media accountability. The current economy is rousing a new wave of brand advertisers who are looking to online as a means to reach consumers more economically, and has brought with it ample concern over controlling placement and protecting campaigns from inappropriate exposure. Casale Media's Custom Networks capability dovetails into these valid needs and concerns. "We endeavored to provide a platform on which advertisers, in conjunction with their agencies, can fully control how their advertising is placed without compromising the tremendous efficiencies of working with a mass media network."

"We recognize that brand holders are the best judges of which audiences and environments are most suitable for their campaigns, and that represents a large part of the inspiration behind the release of this offering. We've essentially lifted all the barriers to brands working effectively with networks. It's impractical to suggest that this type of advertiser run its messaging across a blind network of sites or one that lacks direct control over placement," said Joe Casale.

Using an advertiser's audience and content specifications as inputs, the company's proprietary technology dynamically identifies sites in the network that satisfy those specific criteria. The sites are then packaged into a client's very own Custom Network, which can be fully reviewed, edited, and approved by both agency and client before a campaign is launched.

"We're in a unique position to be able to offer such a powerful solution. Our entire inventory is sourced directly from publishers, giving us a categorical level of control over every campaign we deliver. Control that we can then pass on to our clients. That, coupled with our technological dexterity, enables us to offer something truly unique that address a very real industry need that is not currently being satisfied," said Julia Casale-Amorim.